Essential Math for Games Programmers


Other Publications

In addition to the tutorial resources, the following may be of interest:

Texture Filtering (pdf). A short talk I gave to a computer graphics class in 2015, covering some basic anti-aliasing techniques for textures.

The Future of Curved Surfaces (pdf). From GDC 2005. Summary of roundtable sessions discussing future directions in curved surfaces for the games industry.

Vector Units and Quaternions (pps). From GDC 2002. Discusses how to implement standard quaternion operations on the PS2 vector units.

Formation-Based Pathfinding for Real-World Vehicles (pdf). From GDC 2000. Describes a pathfinding system that manages objects driven by a physical simulation.

Writing Java Games: How We Did It (pdf). From GDC 1998. A case study of the first commercially published Java games: Tom Clancy's Politika and





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